Woodburning Systems
   Burnmaster Hawk
This is a larger, heavier unit than the Patriot 1000 burner, and has some nice features for those that do extensive pyrography and want a heavy duty unit.  

The Hawk has a micro-head adjustment feature that allows you to raise or lower the wattage delivered when using very lightweight or heavy burning pens, and can deliver up to 130 watts of power.   It  has a reset/fuse button to prevent power overloads.  This unit uses the same type of cord as the burner shown above, and will accept pens from all other brands (Razertip pens require the use of the included RCA adapter plug).  

The included pen accepts all "hot wire" replaceable tips made by all other manufacturers, and comes with 10 replaceable tips that change easily with a simple screwdriver.  The newly redesigned pen (not shown) has a slightly slimmer handle than previous models.

Warranty:  3 year- power supply,  1 year - pen            $229

Replacement Heavy Duty Handpiece CORD  $25
The cord has a radio plug on one end that will also fit Nibsburner, Optima and Colwood pens.  You will need to buy an adapter plug to use Razertip pens in this cord.  
Adapter plug B - Use this adapter to connect a  Patriot, Burnmaster, Nibsburner or  Colwood pen to a Razertip Cord.  To use, push one end firmly into the cord, and seat the pen firmly on the other end of the plug.   
Adapter plug A - Use this adapter to connect a Razertip pen to a Patriot, Burnmaster, Nibsburner, Colwood or Detail Master cord.  To use, push one end firmly into the cord, and seat the Razertip pen firmly on the other end of the plug.   

BURNMASTER HAWK PROPEN, 15-TIPS & BAG SET. By Mastercarver® High-performance tools!TM This deluxe set has everything needed for professional quality wood burning. This set includes the Burnmaster® Hawk 1-Port wood burning power supply, pen, patch cord / adapter set plus the complete selection of 15-burning tips and a custom designed storage bag. For more details about Burnmaster® Hawk, Pen and Tips supplied in the set see below: 
The Burnmaster® Hawk 1-Port wood burning power supply: Imagine a top quality wood burning system that accepts any pen (handpiece) regardless of manufacturer & has up to 130 watts of power! It's not a dream, it's the Burnmaster! The advanced design of the amazing Burnmaster is so superior it's revolutionary! Unlike others, it accepts all major pen connection systems! So instead of being forced to use just one pen brand or buying adapters, you can choose & use virtually any pen. The Burnmaster accepts wood burning pens by Leisure Time Prod. (Detail Master), Colwood (Detailer), SMC / PJL, (Optima), Nibs, Navesink, Razertip & others with similar connections. Burnmaster controllers feature, pro quality components, 130-watts max. transformer, precise variable power supply (now with micro heat adjustment), custom designed circuitry, reset fuse protection, all metal housing (3.5" x 4.75" x 8.5"), non-slip rubber feet, 6' power cord, manual & 3-year warranty. Weight: 4.5 lbs. Compare, quality, features & value, you'll prefer Burnmaster or your money back! 

The BURNMASTER® WOOD BURNING PEN features a unique, exclusive, patented design, so superior it's incomparable! The Burnmaster® Pen is the first & only to accept replaceable tips & power from all major brands of "hot wire" wood burning systems. Benefits include: 1. Unlimited creativity, pen accepts replaceable hot wire tips from: Burnmaster®, Detail Master (Ver.I & II), Colwood & Razertip. 2. It connects directly to these brands of power supplies & pen patch cords: Burnmaster®, Colwood, PJL (Optima), Nibs & Razertip (adapter included). 3. Adjustable tip extension (Burnmaster & Detail Master tips only), for deep reach, user comfort & control. 4. Ergonomic, self-aligning pen design, puts the tip in the same position every time! 5. Screw posts ensure positive electrical contact pressure & with use remove performance robbing micro corrosion. 6. Gold & copper contacts ensure superior electrical conductivity & performance. Razertip adapter included. 5-3/8". USA

BURNMASTER® REPLACEABLE BURNING TIPS have several important benefits. Each tip is carefully shaped from advanced alloy tip wire and features precision made copper contacts for superior electrical conductivity. The 15-Tips included with this set includes every Burnmaster® time-proven shape. These tip shapes are ideal for most projects, including: detailing and texturing wood carvings, flat burning, gourd art and more! Note: Burnmaster® brand tips fit Burnmaster® and Detail Master version-II replaceable style handpieces (pens). Tip length: 2-1/8" (54mm). 
Creative Woodburner® by Walnut Hollow
Item Number: 41992
This precision wood burning tool features a stand alone temperature control unit with a slim, ergonomic hand tool and convenient stand. It is perfect for all pyrography skill levels and is easy for anyone to use. The nichrome wire points adjust their temperature with a tight tolerance for detailed work. The points heat and cool extremely quickly allowing the user to interchange points without a wait time. The Creative Woodburner can create precise detail, fine lines, variable textures, and beautiful coloration. This tool is perfect for hand lettering, drawing, and intricate designs. 


Wire tip wood burning tool with comfort grip
Power base with variable temperature control and adjustable tool stand
4 Creative Points
Tweezer tool for easy point removal
Graphite transfer paper
Inspiration guide with instructions.
120 Volt / 16 Watts

Package Dimensions: 7.5" x 13.25" x 3.25"

ETL Approved. 

Recommended for ages 14+ with adult supervision. 

Made in China.
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Woodburning is a great way to embellish your projects. We offer a couple of systems. Toward the bottom of the page you'll find accessories and some discontinued items.
These additional wire tips are available for the Creative Woodburner.
Drawing Point 2 
Spoon Shading Point 1 $8.99
Spoon Shading Point 2  $8.99
Stamping Point 1
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PyroPaper is translucent pyrography paper that is compatible with both lazer and inkjet printers. It dries very quickly and doesn't smear. It does not have adhesive backing. You simply print, trace or draw your design, cut it out and tape it to your project with masking tape or scotch tape. It leaves no sticky residue to clean off.

50 sheets per package.
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Warranties: 3-year power supply, 1-year pen, plus 30-day money back guarantee!