These small  studs have synthetic stone cabochon set into the top, and a peg on the back. Simply drill a hole in the gourd, add a bit of glue and pop them in!

10 pcs. Turquoise   - 6mm       $3.50

10 pcs. Turquoise - 8mm         $3.50                             

10 pcs. Turquoise  10mm       $3.50                               

10 pcs.  Red  10mm                  $3.50  

10 pcs.   Black Faceted 4mm    $3.50  

10 pcs.  Clear Faceted Crystal  6mm  $3.50

10 pcs. Clear Faceted Crystal 8mm $3.50

 8mm studs 
10 pcs. Pewter w/ Red stone - $4.50 

10 pcs. Pewter w/ Turquoise stone - $4.50 

Heavy Cast Decorative Metal Ring

These rings are beautifully cast and polished, and have a lovely design on the rim.  They're great when you want a special treatment for the rim of a gourd.  They only come in one size.  The inner opening is about 2 1/2" wide and the outer edge is about 3 1/2" wide.   I've used Apoxie sculpt as an adhesive and also as the perfect way to create a smooth blend between the gourd shell and the ring. 

$12.50 each 
Plain Studs -   These small ( 3/16") plain studs have a peg on the back. Simply drill a hole in the gourd, add a bit of glue and pop these in for a nice accent.    

Small 100 pieces for $2.50  

 Metals - Cones, Studs, Tacks, Conchos and more
Bag of 10 
 1 1/4"  Tin Cones

Tin Cones 1 1/4" long.   $1.25 per bag               Brass  Cones 1" long.   $1.50 per bag

Use these as decorative accents on masks or as dangles.  
  Chinese Coins

Good quality replica Chinese coins from the Ching dynasty.  

 10 coins for $6.50                        OR 3 coins for $2.50

Bag of 10  
1" Brass Cones

*Looking for Bone and Shell Beads and other unique items?  Embellishments
*Looking for Feathered and Beaded Cabochons, Quills, Lacings and other Special supplies?
Special Embellishments
*Looking for Heishi, Turquoise Cabochons, Ammonites and Arrowheads? 
 Inlay Supplies
Premium Conchos
Premium conchos are much higher quality.  Instead of being stamped out, these are cast and are very rich looking.  Use these when you really want a special accent on your western or leather like gourd projects!
$4.60 per bag of 50 pieces

Hammered Head - Antique Brass   

Hammered Head - Antique Copper  
Smooth Head - Pewter Matte Finish

Smooth Head - Old Gold Speckled

Smooth Head - Bright Copper 
Pewter, matte 
Antique Copper
$8.75 for 100 pieces

Hammered Head - Antique Brass   

Hammered Head - Antique Copper 
Smooth Head - Pewter Matte Finish  

Smooth Head - Old Gold Speckled

Smooth Head - Bright Copper

Decorative tacks for drum making and decorative use.

Offered in bags of 50 pieces 
(or buy 100 pieces and save!)

Head size is approximately 7/16".  Shanks are 1/2" long.   All are made from steel, with various platings and finishes.     

3-D Brass Butterflies and Dragonflies

 Butterfly wings may be carefully bent upward.  The large Dragonflies are shipped flat, but wings may be bent if desired.  Because they are real brass, they may be patined with oxidizing solutions or may be painted or  torched for color. Glue directly to the gourd surface; attach with a small amont of Apoxie Sculpt, or solder on a small bit of brass rod for mounting into a drilled hole.  
Example to the right has a body painted with acrylics, and patina oxidized wings.

1 1/4" x 1"
$.50 each

$1.50 each 

Large - 2" wing span, 
1 5/8"body length

Tiny - 3/8" x 7/16"

Metal Feather Charms  These are cast from jewelry quality pewter, and are double sided.  Awesome accents at a budget price!  See penny for size comparison.  
1 1/8" Feathers -  10 pc for $1.75                   7/8" Feathers - 10 pc for $1.75                    Jumbo Feathers 4 pcs for 3.50                                                                                                                                                        

Antique Brass - 
Hammered Head

Old Gold Speckled 

Bright Copper
"Western Elegance" by Hellen Martin.  Plain studs  are used as accents.
3 pc for $2.00

 SW Starburst Concho
 Silver/Turquoise, Silver/Black, Silver/Coral,or Silver/Purple  combinations.  
These are wonderful quality and are domed on the back for easy inlaying into a gourd.  Screw back is included for use on leather or thinner gourds.      $4 each

Bright Silver/Turquoise-1"       Bright Silver/Black-1 1/8"        Bright Silver/Coral-1"          Bright Silver/Purple-1"

 Solid Metal Buttons   1/2" x 5/8" ovals

These are really attractive and are very easy to inlay.  Just drill a couple of holes next to each other and enlarge as needed for the button shank to fit.  Press in place with a bit of glue!    

3 pieces - Navajo Concho style design.   $3.00

Dimensional Pewter Turtle charms. 
Smaller than pictured.  Actual size:
5/8" wide, 1 1/4" long with ring for hanging.
$1.75 - package of 2
Gourd with added metal ring.
Man in the Maze disc beads.These pewter beads 1 1/8" in diameter and 1/8" thick. Perfect for inlay because they are flat! The design is on both sides so they may also be used as a pendant since there is a hole drilled from top to bottom. $1.75 each  
Copper Western Rope Concho 

1 1/8" size  $3.25 each

Copper Sunflower Concho w/turquoise stone

1 1/8" size  $3.50 each

Antique Silver Navajo Concho    1" size   

$3.50 each

Turquoise Stone

Coral Stone

Pewter Rope Edge Concho

1 1/8" size  $3.00 each

  Jumbo Jingle Cones 2 11/16" long

These cones were traditionally made by rolling embossed tobacco can lids to make decorative jingles for Native American regalia.  They look great on masks and other gourd projects.

10 pieces for $2.50  Out of Stock
These 3D Butterflies have bent wings making them look like they are ready to fly away.  5/8" wide x 1/2" tall.  $1 each  
Indian Head Nickel Concho
7/8" diameter - $2.50
Buffalo Nickel Concho - 7/8" diameter $2.50
2 pendants and the makings for a pair of earrings. The pendant has the design on both sides. The design matches the buttons shown on the left. 
Sizes: pendants 5/8" wide, 3/4" high Earrings: 1/2" wide, 7/8" high (includes the loops) $3.75 for the set.
Makings for Navajo Blanket design earrings for a gourd mask or yourself. The design disk has a loop at the bottom for additional embellishments like feathers or beads. Disk measures 5/8" wide and 7/8" high, including the loops. $2.00
Metal Embellishments Collection
A bag of mixed embellishments: feathers, cabochons, conchos, earring makings and more.
 $12 per bag.  
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Thunderbird Concho
7/8" x 1"
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Bronze War Bonnet Concho
1 1/4" Diameter
Very Limited Supply
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Copper w/Blue Patina 
Rope Concho 

1 1/8" size $3.50 each
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