Swellegant Patinas and Metals 
from Aves Studio

Swellegant Metal Coatings
​currently offering Silver, Copper and Brass
$10 per 2 oz bottle
Swelligant Patinas
Goldl/Green and Darkening
​$10 per 2 oz bottle
Dye Oxides
Offering Caribbean Blue, Coffee Brown and Milky White
$8 per 1 oz bottle
Dye Oxide Mini 6 color set
 Includes Sun Yellow, Charcoal Black, Milk White, Blood Red, Coffee Brown, Caribbean Blue
$18 per set of 6 .25 oz bottles
Swellegant Prep
$8 per 1 oz bottle

Swellegant Sealant
$8 per 1 oz bottle

Use the Swellegant Clear Sealant to seal all your Swellegant surface applications and preserve the metals, patinas and dyes. This sealant is clear, and dries to a flat finish (will not add any shine or interfere with the patina). Just like paints, not all applications need a sealant. Let all other Swellegant coatings dry completely before applying the sealer (24 hours for best results). The sealant works best applied in thin coats. (Apply multiple coats if desired). Swellegant Sealer is made especially for use with Swellegant products but also is also great to use over any painted surface like acrylics!
Use the Swellegant Prep to prepare ANY surface for the metal coatings so that the coatings will stay strong and scratch resistant. (Think of it as a primer).
White in color, water-based cleans up with soap & warm water, no VOC, low odor. Goes on easily with a brush and dries quickly.
This package contains one 1oz bottle of elegant prep.
Dye-Oxides are colorants that allow you to add more colors to your projects! These Dye-Oxides are a patina too, in that they soak into the metal and into the patinas to become part of the piece, not just a color that lays on top. They are intensely colored, but transparent, which means you can add them to create just the whisper of color or you can heavily layer them to create an intense tint. You can add the dyes right on top of the Metal Coatings and/or the Patinas. Add one, add two, add all 6 colors! GET CREATIVE – That’s what its all about! Let the dye soak in. Check the color in 5 to 10 minutes – you may need to add more dyes to reach the intensity you want.

Drip, Dab, Brush to apply! Wipe off any excess. Once dry follow up with a sealant! So why do you need this…. they are fantastic to add extra color and depth to your projects, do you have to have this with Swellegant…well no, not to make the Swellegant system work, but it is a nice addition!

The 6 pc Mini Dye-Oxide Sample Set:
Great sampler pack to see which ones you like and mix and match the colors to make other colors! Try them before purchasing a full size.
.25 oz Sun Yellow Dye
.25 oz Charcoal Black Dye
.25 oz Milk White Dye
.25 oz Blood Red Dye
.25 oz Coffee Brown Dye
.25 oz Caribbean Blue Dye

*These Dye-Oxide Colors can be mixed together to make other colors example: (Yellow + Red = Orange. Each sold separately. Made in USA.
Work just like paint, use them on their own to create a metal looking finish! These coatings are comprised of actual pulverized metal suspended in a clear base and come in five different colors – bronze, copper, brass, silver, and iron. The neat part about these metal coatings is the fact that they are flexible when dry and are resistant to chipping, cracking, or flaking! They are even durable enough to use on items intended for outdoor use! – SO COOL – Apoxie Sculpt by Aves® does not chip, crack pr flake either and is perfect for outdoor applications – so I guess this is a great match up!)

The metal coatings are super easy to use…use a paint brush, sponge, or your finger, (we would recommend wearing gloves to apply with your finger…unless you really like to be messy!)

And the coatings quickly dry all by themselves! (No heat needed) clean up easily with soap and water and have no odor.
This is a traditional patina product so it can also be used on Swellegant Metal Coatings or raw brass or plated metals.  

​The Green Gold/Verdigris Patina add a green bloom to brass, copper and bronze metals and a rust oxidation to iron. This is a real patina and actually oxidizes metal (both real metal and metal coated pieces!) Patina’s can be painted on with a brush or put the patina in a spray bottle and mist it onto the piece. These patinas react differently depending on which metal they are dabbed on. Experiment with different metals for all kinds of different looks!

The Darkening Patina will antique your piece, adding a dark brown-black oxidation to the textures, lines and crevices. Darkening Patina darkens all metals and reacts very quickly. This is a real patina and actually oxidizes metal (both real metal and metal coated pieces!) Patina’s can be painted on with a brush or put the patina in a spray bottle and mist it onto the piece.
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Caribbean Blue
Coffee Brown
Milky White
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Mini 6 Color Set .25 oz ea
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More coming soon!
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