Magnesite Turquoise Fetish Bear Beads  
These real stone fetish bear beads are drilled from top to bottom for stringing.  3 dimensional.

Small Bears - 2 pcs for $1.75          

Large Bears - $1.75 each 

Stone Bead strands - 16"   

Pipestone, Coral, or Turquoise magnesite thin rondelles  (washers).  Real stone - beautiful variegated colors.  

Pipestone - 6mm washers $3 per strand 

Pipestone - 10mm washers $5 per strand

Coral - 4mm washers $2.50 per strand                    

Coral - 10mm washers $5 per strand  

Turquoise - 4mm washers $2.50 per strand     

Turquoise - 6mm washers $3 per strand   

These items are beautiful when inlaid into your gourds. Be sure to visit my carving and inlay tutorial page which shows how to use these materials on your gourds.
Heishi, Turquoise, Stone Beads and Inlay Supplies
Heishi:  The strands are approximately 1.5 - 3 mm in diameter and are about 22 - 24" long with this exception: Hematite - 16".  Shell and hematite are natural materials.  Others are synthetic stone.  
* Note - Due to natural color variations in shell, the actual colors may differ slightly. 

Random Mix - $3.45  
Random mixed stones  

Marble $3.45  
"White Buffalo"

Orange Coral  $3.45
with red highlights

 Bright Blue and Green - $3.45 

Red -   $3.45     

Muted Green Turquoise   - $3.45

Blue Turquoise -  $3.45  

Blue Green w/ Matrix $3.45

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Shell and Stone Heishi
Synthetic Stone Heishi
2mm - 3mm

Gourds inlaid with turquoise

Copyright Bonnie Gibson 2007
Magnesite Stone Cabochons
Magnesite stone cabochons, dyed to turquoise. Because they are real stone, they have natural markings. They are great for the budget minded crafter that wants the look of real gemstones, but at a fraction of the price.  $1.25 per bag

Sizes may vary by one or two mm.
6mm Rounds (10 pcs) 

8mm Rounds (10 pcs)

10mm Rounds (10 pcs) 

12mm Rounds (8 pcs) - 

16mm Rounds (5 pcs) 

18mm Rounds (4 pcs) 

Sm. Rectangles ( 10 pcs)

13x18mm Ovals (6 pcs)

15x20mm Ovals (4 pcs)

18x24mm  Ovals (3 pcs)

20 x 30mm Ovals (2 pcs) 

10mm Rounds (10pcs)
​8mm Rounds (10pcs)
​6mm Rounds (10pcs)
Magnesite Turquoise Washers 
6mm (pictured)- 15 pcs for $1   

Magnesite Turquoise Washers
10mm - 10 pcs for $1

10 mm Magnesite CORAL Washers/Discs
(approx 3/8" wide)   10 pcs for $1

Orangey shell -  
Spiney Oyster Shell Discs - 10 pcs for $1.50    
Metallic Hematite Heishi

SHINY Peacock Metallic Hematite  - $4.60
(Blues, Greens, Purples, Golds) - 

SHINY Bright Gold  Metallic Hematite  - $4.60

SHINY Silver Metalllic Hematite  - $4.60

SHINY Charcoal Metallic Hematite - $4.60

Lt. Pen Shell - $3.45                          

Dark Pen Shell - $3.45  

Value Priced! Mixed GRAB BAGS contain a mix of shapes and sizes.  Every bag is different.  $5.75 per bag 

Turn a cabochon into a pendant using one of these bails.  Just glue to the cab and thread a chain through the bail.​

Silver Bail   2/$1          

                         Gold Bail Sold Out

Style 1          Style 2   
 Glass Cabochons
Each piece has a flat back for inlay

Eye Style 1 - Slitted pupil (cat type) Eye 8mm  3 pair $1
Mixed colors

Eye Style 1 - Slitted Pupils -  10mm  2 pair $1
Mixed colors

Eye Style 1  Slitted pupils 12mm 2 pair $1
Mixed colors Out of Stock 

Eye Style 2  - Round Pupils   8mm  3 pair $1                        
Mixed colors - Out of Stock

Eye Style 2  -  Round Pupils   10mm  2 pair $1       
Mixed colors

Eye Style 2  -  Round Pupils   12mm  2 pair $1                   
Mixed colors

Green w/ Matrix $3.45 
Sliced Black Walnut Shells - 1" x 1 1/4" - 3 pack $2.50
Center Cut Seashells, lengths vary from 3/4" to 2 1/2" - 4 pack $4.00
Each bag will vary
New Heishi Colors
Bright Blue  
Malachite Green 

Large (8mm) Heishi - 16" strands, appox. 135 pieces. $4.00 per strand
Malachite (dark green) 8mm heishi - $4.00 per strand.
Teal 8mm heishi - $4.00 per strand.
1/2" Square Special faux stone Cabochons - Limited Supply
4 Square Teal cabochons,4 Turquoise donuts 1/2" each.$6.00 per set.
4 Square Copper cabochons,16 beads 1/4" each.$6.00 per set.
4 Square Earthtone cabochons,4 donuts 1/2" each.$6.00 per set.
4 Square Wood tone cabochons - $3.75
Scroll down the page to view new items.
4 square Garnet tone cabochons - $3.75
Drilled Shell Chips 
(photos to the right)
 Create earrings and/or necklaces.  How about a mosaic design on a gourd.  Let your imagination run wild.
Each bag contains 25 chips which vary in size from 1/4" to 3/4".  The mixed bag has a selection of the 4 colors.
$2.00 per bag.
Mixed Shells
2-3 mm assorted loose beads.
$3.45 each
A spool of Nymo beading thread and size 11 or 12 beading needle.
This site accepts PayPal and  debit/credit cards. Please call 319 855-9665 if you need assistance.
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Turquoise Inlay Small Chips
2.5 oz
Mother of Pearl Flakes
2.5 oz
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Starbond Super Glue
2 oz spray bottle
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Starbond Super Glue 
Medium Thick
2 oz  bottle
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Starbond Super Glue 
2 oz
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Starbond Super Glue 
Super Fast Thin
2 oz
Starbond Super Glue 
Brown Medium
2 oz
Starbond Super Glue 
Black Medium
2 oz
Starbond Micro Tips
Starbond Super Glue 
White Medium Thick
.5 oz
$14.00 are lots of ways to do inlays. Super Glue (Cyanoacrylate) is one way. 2 part Epoxy, Resin and UV Resin are other ways. Its a matter of how you like to work.  I like UV Resin because there's no mixing involved and it cures quickly with Ultra Violet light - sun or a UV lamp. My favorite UV Resin is available at JDiction. This link opens to their website. I do earn a commission from sales referrals from Arizona Gourds.  Use my coupon code at check out for 10% off:  ARIZONAGOURDS
🔥【SUPER CRYSTAL CLEAR & LOWEST ODOR AND SAFE】JDiction UV Resin cooperates with the largest supplier in Southeast Asia. We only produce the purest resin, you can get the most crystal clear and gloss crafts. At the same time, we adopt the safest way to develop and produce to create a healthier and lowest odor resin, no pollution to the environment, allowing you to complete the craft work more comfortably.
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