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Make a drum, thunderdrum or a kalimba!
Drums are made with a variety of techniques, from simply gluing a drum head onto a gourd, to complicated wrapped and woven application techniques. 

A gourd book by Ginger Summit and Jim Widess 
 Drum Skins

Round, lightweight goatskin rawhide drum covers are the best choice for gourd drums and hand drums.  Order by diameter - sizes may vary slightly within the stated range.   Often it is advantageous to order a larger size than you think you will need.  The excess can be used to make jewelry, or make several small drums from one large skin.

11" - 12"  -    $5                                                    17 - 18"       -       $10

13" - 14"  -   $6                                                   19 -  20"           $12

3" jewelry sized drum skins - $.50                                             6" Metal Ring  $1.50      

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Gourd Supplies & Tools:
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These big drums were made using a large drum skin.  Depending on the size of your gourd, rawhide lacing can sometimes be cut from the same skin as the head if the skin is sufficiently thick enough.  

Hint: To cut rawhide lacing, use sharp shears.  Start at the outer edge of the skin and cut a strip 1/4 - 3/8" away from the edge.  Continue cutting in a long spiral around and around the outside edge of the skin until you have a sufficient length of lacing for your project.  

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Another book with good basic drum instructions and information:

Visit the 
Musical Books 
page for additional titles

Making Gourd Musical Instruments
Making Drums
Thinner skins may be stapled on.  After they are dry, cut off the excess skin and cover the row of staples with decorative leather or braiding and decorative tacks.  You may have to use a pair of heavy wirecutters to snip off excess length on the tacks.
Antique Copper
Antique Brass - 
Hammered Head 

$7.50 - 100 pieces

Hammered Head - Antique Brass

Hammered Head - Antique Copper

Smooth Head - Pewter 

Smooth Head -Gold Spotted on Antique Brass

Smooth Head - Bright Copper
$4 per bag of 50 pieces

Hammered Head - Antique Brass

Hammered Head - Antique Copper

Smooth Head - Pewter 

Smooth Head -Gold Spotted
on Antique Brass 

Smooth Head - Bright Copper

Last three styles Out of Stock
both quantities

Decorative tacks for drum making and decorative use.

Offered in bags of 50 pieces  (or buy 100  and save!)

Head size is approximately 10mm.  Shanks are 1/2" long.   All are made from steel, with various platings and finishes.     

*Pewter is satin finished dull silver color.

*Gold Spotted has mottled antique gold on a antique brass base
Gold Spotted Antique Brass

 Kalimba Kit
Create your own Thumb Piano!

These kits come with all the parts you need except for the gourd,  You can make these using many different types of gourds including bottle, canteen and others. (The one pictured below is made with a canteen gourd.)  These kits are 8 note diatonic scale kits, which may be retuned to pentatonic if desired.  Instructions for assembly and playing basic tunes are provided.   

Kalimba Kit:  $22     
NEW - Bright Copper
New - Thunder Drum Kit
Kit includes a 6x6" mylar drum head, a leather thong for hanging the finished drum, one drum spring, and complete instructions.  You supply the gourd and glue. (Insta-Cure glue works well).  $10      

Thunder drum springs with attached bead.
These are ready to add to your thunder drum projects.  Pair with a rawhide drumskin like those above, or use a mylar membrane.  Both work fine.

Single spring with bead - $4.50    

5 Springs with bead -  $20

6"x6"  Mylar Membrane ONLY     $1 each

*Note:  Insta-Cure glue 
is on the Glues and 
Adhesives page
: Thunder Drum by Kathe Stark.