1/2" x 1/2" Drum Sander  1/8" shank
Great for smoothing sand ripples, grinding Inlace resin and many other uses.  GENUINE DREMEL part, factory packaged.   $4

Tip: Keep 2 drum sanding mandrels on hand, one with a fine grit, the other with coarse - you won't have to change the bands when you need a different grit.

Replacement sanding bands       Coarse                      Fine                         Extra  Fine
6 pieces for $3

*Do not run drum sanders at high speeds.

Keyless chuck for off brand (mostly Chinese) rotary tools.  
This one has a slightly larger opening where the chuck threads onto the tool.   It is not guaranteed to fit every off brand tool, but if the Dremel one doesn't work, this one probably will. Special $6

 Rotary Tool Accessories
Attachments for the Dremel Tool, Bur Holders and other Carving Accessories 

Bur Cleaning Info and Tips
There are different reasons why burs leave burn marks or don't cut well.  If you know your bur is relatively new and not likely to be dull, then the cause is often a dirty or clogged bur.

The easiest way to clean all types of burs is to get a small jar (baby food size is fine) and fill it with enough acetone to cover the bur cutting heads.  Let the burs soak for a while, the acetone won't hurt them.  This will loosen the resins that are clogging the cutting surfaces.  After the burs are removed from the acetone, simply scrub them off with a toothbrush shaped brass brush.  This should eliminate the majority of the debris.  You can resubmerge and repeat if necessary.

Carbide burs are much tougher and in a pinch they can even be flamed with a small propane torch to burn off the residue.  Use caution when using this method; flame the bur while it is chucked into your tool, don't attempt to hold it with pliers (or your fingers!!!).  Do NOT try this on steel burs.  They will lose their temper and will not hold a sharp edge.  If you are cleaning a mandrel mounted carbide bur, you must remove the small fiber washer before using the torch cleaning method.
Brass Bur Cleaning Brush  $1

                Bur Box with Lid and Handle

This bur box is made from a thin gauge material. It is strong, but has the advantage of being light weight and inexpensive.  

If you are tired of rooting through a box looking for the correct bur, or of accidently dumping your burs when using other storage containers, then this bur storage box is the one for you.  The case is lightweight and has a handy carrying handle.  When the lid is closed, the burs will not fall out, even when the case is turned upside down!  Burs fit into predrilled holes in a heavy structured foam insert.  They stand upright so you can quickly see and select the bur you need.

Each box holds 231 burs (a combination of  3/32" shank burs  1/8" burs.  Smaller holes may be enlarged by forcing the larger burs in and expanding the foam) The case measures 7 1/2"  x 9" x 2 1/4"

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Standard Drum Sander

Dremel Quick Change Chuck - $8.50
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