Fantastic embellishments for Gourd Masks and other projects!
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Kits and Displays
Lion's Paw Shell pendants with rope ends

Available in matched pairs (shell is a natural product, there will be some variation)  or as single drops.  Awesome earrings or pendants for gourd masks!

$6  per pair    

$3 per single      

Spiney Oyster Shell Disc Beads
 These have a beautiful orange and tan color and a textural surface.  They are drilled for stringing but also look good glued into a carved channel.  
10 pcs for $1.50
Turquoise Spear Fan  $3.50 

Coral Spear Fan  $3.50
 Magnesite Turquoise or Coral Spears -
9 separate Spears, use individually or create a  fan  $2  
Magnesite Turquoise Donuts

Small  20mm      $2 each

Large 30mm      $2.50 each

Sedona Collection contains:
2 Lion's Paw Pendants - 1 Heishi strand 
10 India Crow Marble beads - 10 Spiney Oyster Shell  Discs
Totem Energy Stones - Feel the energy when you rub these stones.  Carry them in your pocket or make them into a special cabochon for your next gourd project.  They vary in size but are approx. 1" x 2" x 1/4" thick.  If you are going to use them as a cabochon be sure you have a very thick shelled gourd.  Select the design you want. Color of stone and design will be random. $3 each    
Kokopelli                                                        Wolf's Paw 
Crow Marble Beads - 10mm shades of salmon with gold flecks. A striking addition to any gourd piece or beading project.  Sold in bag of 10 pieces for $2 a bag.