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Arizona Gourds
Contact Number: 

319 855 9665

Central Time

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Embellishments and Tools 
for gourd and wood crafting.
Shipping Charges
Please be assured that we only charge you actual postage.  Any overage paid will be refunded at the time your order is shipped. For orders under $20, I may send an invoice for insufficient postage charged.
Return policy
Our policy for returns and refunds may be found at the bottom of each page.

Sorry, we do not ship outside the United States.
General Shipping Info
We normally ship orders the same day if possible, if not, then the next working day. 

This site has a no-frills shipping cart, and as such, shipping charges are calculated at a flat rate based on the total amount.  It is calculated automatically as you shop, based on how much you order and adjusts automatically once you reach a certain amount. Excess shipping amounts will be refunded to you when the order is processed for shipping.  
Example - you order 1 lb of Apoxie Sculpt OR you order 2 or 3 lightweight burs. Both have similar dollar amounts. The rate charged is often too little for heavy packages but just as often it is too high for lightweight packages. Lightweight shipments will get a partial refund.
It's not our intent to make money on processing and shipping so refunding any excess is the only way we can handle the excessive charges you might incur if you are ordering lightweight items. The shopping cart doesn't know whether the items are lightweight or heavy.
For orders under $20, I may invoice for the remainder of the shipping cost. 

Incorrect Addresses
Please let me know if you want your package shipped to an address other than the one provided by paypal (usually your business address where credit card bills are sent.) I know many people have summer and winter addresses and I want to make sure your package goes to the correct location. If the address is incorrect because of your oversight, you will be responsible for any additional shipping charges on items returned by the Post Office.  

Delivery Confirmation/Tracking
I use USPS delivery confirmation and tracking on shipments. Look for an emailed shipping notice when the package has been sent. Please be sure your email address and shipping address are registered correctly with PayPal if you move or change your address.  

Items returned for refund or replacement must be within 30 days of purchase, in original condition; the cost of shipping is not refunded, only the cost of the product. There is a $5 restocking charge. 

International Shipments
We do not ship outside the USA.

Questions? Please email me at [email protected]
Product Index by Page:
Acrylic Lamp Beads 4, 6 & 8 mm beads. Lamp Cords, Filigree Burs and 3 blade carving burs.

Alcohol Ink Ranger Alcohol Inks, Brushes, Fine Tip Applicators & Micro Tip Applicators.

Patinas  Brush on Metal Coatings, Prep, Patinas, Dye-Oxides, Sealant.

Apoxie Sculpt Apoxie Sculpt, Apoxie Paste, Safety Solvent, Sculpting Tools, Quikwood, PC Lumber.

Glues And More CA Glue, Uncure, Accelerant, 5mm masking tape, Quikwood and PC Lumber

Easy InLay and Metal Leaf  Metal Leaf, Metal Flakes, Sizing, Inlay Chips, Abalone, Crystal Calcite.

Inlay Supplies Shellls, Cabochons, Heishi, Eyes, Mother of Pearl Flakes, Turquoise Chips, Starbond CA Glues and applicator tips.

InLace Products Metallic Dust, Hardener, Thicken-It, Buffing and Polishing Compounds.

Special Embellishments Porcupine Quills, Horse Hair, Leather Lace, Synthetic Cords, Artificial Sinew, Chinese Coins, Beaded Rosettes, feathered Cabochons.

Bone Beads and More Buffalo and Elk Teeth, Bear Claws, Bone Beads and Hair Pipe, Spiny Oyster Shell Beads.

More Great Embellishments Spear Fans, Lions Paw Shells, Cowrie Shells, Ammonites, Crow Marble Beads, Energy Stones, Magnesite Donuts.

Metal Embellishments Feathers, Turtles, Brass Butterflies and Dragonflies, Chinese Coins, Conchos, Tacks, Studs, Jingle Cones, Man in the Maze Tokens, Decorative Rings.

Drum and Musical Natural and Synthetic Drum Heads, Metal Rings, Metal Tacks, Thunder Gourd Springs, Kalimba Kits, Cowrie Shells, Pony Beads, .8mm Waxed Thread.

Pine Needle and Coiling Supplies Pine Needles, Waxed Linen Thread, Books, Coiling Gauges, Pliers, Tapestry Needles, measuring tape, finger guards.  

Stands, Oil Lamp Inserts, Etc. Wood Stands, Oil Candle Inserts, Funnels, Dream Catchers, Huichol Beading Kits.

Tools, Hand and Power  Hobby Knife and Blades, Scissors, Hole Saws, Carbide Mushroom Gourd Cleaning Tools, Gourd Scrapers, Sanding Flaps, Dust Masks, Files, Rasps, Pin Vises, Measuring Tapes, Masking Tapes, Sanding Strips, Abranet Sanding Mesh, Compass Set, Caliper, Brass Brush, Ruler Bracelets, Applicator Bottles and Tips, Fine Detail Brushes, Micro Applicators, Fine Tip Applicators, Sanding Pens. 

Woodburners  Woodburning Systems and tips, Power Cords and Adaptors, PyroPaper pyrography paper.

Carving Burrs  DuraGrit, Dremel, SaburrTooth, Diamond Burrs. All burrs can be found on this page.

Micro Carvers MicroPro Micro Carvers and accessories: Foot Pedals, Hand pieces, Collets.

Rotary Tool Accessories Burr Boxes, Burr Cleaning Brushes, Keyless Chucks, Rotary Tool Drum Sander and Replacement Sanding Bands.

Mini Saws Proxxon Mini Saws and Blades.

Limited Availability Items  Special Buys that may not be available long term... Decorative Items for your gourd and wood crafting.

 If you have product questions or suggestions, please email them to [email protected], call or text me at 319 855-9665.
    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

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